Pump for free

With the “Pump for free” campaign, when ordering at least 2 cans of water, the water pump is given as a gift on the first order. Paying only 30.10 AZN, you get 2 water cans and a water pump as a gift. The conditions are as follows:

• First order 2 cans of water. The price of 2 cans of water is 7.60 manats (at the rate of 3.8 manats per 1 can);
• A deposit of 2 cans is due. The deposit amount for 2 cans is 22.50 AZN (1st can 12.50 AZN, 2nd can – 10 AZN);

Note: The campaign is for new customers.

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Note: The campaign is for new customers

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High quality water
Very sweet 😘
Possibility of online payment
Very comfortable 🤩
Fast delivery
With rocket speed 😊
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