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Where is the source of water “Şirinsu”?

The source of our water is the Shollar water, located in the village of Sulutepe. The water supplied to the production site through the Azersu line passes through 7 different filters on modern automated equipment, is enriched with minerals useful for the human body and packaged.

How to order water?

For the convenience of customers, there are many ways to order:

1. Call the short number *5020
2. You can call the city number (012) 595 50 20
3. Send a message to WhatsApp number – (055) 999 50 20
4. Write a message to the WhatsApp number (automatic bot) – (070) 479 50 20
5. Online on the site https://shirinsu.az (through a personal account)
6. With the help of “Express order” on the site https://shirinsu.az
7. Write DM through social media: Facebook and Instagram

What are the terms of the order and delivery?

1. For individuals:
• Orders received before 15:00 will be delivered by 21:00 on the same day.
• Orders received after 15:00 are delivered in the first half of the next day.

2. For legal entities:
• Orders received before 13:00 will be delivered by 18:00 on the same day.
• Orders received after 13:00 will be delivered by 18:00 the next day.

How much does 19 liters of water cost?

The price of water for a 19-liter can is only 4.40 AZN.

What is a deposit and how is it calculated?

The buyer pays a deposit in the amount of AZN 12.5 during the storage period of a 19-liter polycarbonate can. Since these water containers are close to glass in quality, the stored water retains its purity and mineral composition for a long time.

If the client cancels the order of water from Shirinsu, he can return the 12.5 AZN left as a deposit by returning the can.

When ordering 2 or more cans, the deposit amount is calculated as 10 AZN

What campaigns are there?

We run various campaigns for our customers to make ordering water more affordable. The following campaigns are available:

1. Campaign “Pump for free”
With the “Pump for free” campaign, when ordering at least 2 cans of water, the water pump is given as a gift on the first order. Paying only 30.10 AZN, you get 2 water cans and a water pump as a gift. The conditions are as follows:

• First order 2 cans of water. The price of 2 cans of water is 7.60 manats (at the rate of 3.8 manats per 1 can);
• A deposit of 2 cans is due. The deposit amount for 2 cans is 22.50 AZN (1st can 12.50 AZN, 2nd can – 10 AZN);

Note: The campaign is for new customers.

2. Campaign “Autumn”
With the “Autumn” campaign, you will pay only 5 AZN instead of 12.5 AZN for a can deposit. By paying only 19 AZN, you will pay the deposit amount for the can, water and pump. The conditions are as follows:

• It is necessary to order 1 pump and 1 water (price of water: 3.8 AZN; price of water pump: 10.20 AZN)

Note. The campaign is for new clients.

3. Campaign “Two cans of water for free”
As part of the “2 water cans for free” campaign, you will receive the first 2 water cans for free by paying the deposit amount (12.5 AZN) for a water can. Water must be ordered one at a time as part of this promotion.

Note. The campaign is for new customers.

4. Campaign “Free water for persons who have entered into a deposit agreement”
Customers ordering water from Şirinsu for a long period, at the time of signing the deposit agreement when ordering additional water, will be charged the amount of the deposit for the can, and the fee for additional water at the time of initial delivery will not be charged. (For example: a client has been ordering 2 cans of water for a long time. When he additionally orders 1 portion of water, he makes a deposit amount for the 3rd can (10 manats) and pays nothing for the 3rd water for the first time).

Note: The campaign is for current customers. It is valid for a deposit of no more than 2 cans.

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