What is the daily water requirement in relation to body mass index?

17.05.2023 12:25

Daily Water Requirement According to Body Mass Index

Knowing how much water to drink daily is the first step to a healthy life. Drinking water is just as important as breathing, because most of the human body is made up of water. The excretion of waste products from the body through defecation, urination or sweating depends on the correct satisfaction of the need for water. In addition, drinking water is necessary for the continuation of vital processes, such as maintaining body temperature, preventing dry skin, and improving joint mobility.

What is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body mass index (BMI), also known as ideal weight calculation, is the main calculation used to determine the degree of obesity. In short, it allows you to check if your body weight is proportional to your height.

This measurement only checks your weight. Since this calculation cannot measure the amount of muscle or fat in your body, it cannot always accurately determine your ideal weight. To determine your healthy weight, there are many different factors to consider. Therefore, for more accurate information, you need to contact an expert.

How is BMI calculated?

The body mass index value is obtained by dividing your weight in kilograms by the square of your height in meters. You can control your weight according to the results of the following calculations.

BMI = weight (kg) / height in square meters

For example: for a person weighing 100 kg and height 1.80 cm, BMI can be calculated as follows.

1,8 x 1,8 = 3,24
100 / 3.24 = 30.8
BKİ = 30.8

  • BMI 18.5 or below: lean
  • BMI value of 18.5-24.9: normal weight.
  • BMI value of 25-29.9: Overweight
  • BMI value of 30-39.9: obese

What should be the daily water intake based on body mass index?

The amount of water that people with healthy bodily functions should consume daily varies depending on certain factors. The amount of water drunk is influenced by such factors as activity during the day, body weight and body mass index, climatic features of the region, workplace temperatures. For example, people who are constantly on the move and often in the sun need to consume more water.

You can easily calculate the amount of water to be consumed by weight (kg) x 0.033. For example, let’s say you weigh is 65 kg, the amount of water you should consume daily would be 65 x 0.033 = 2.145 liters.
Of course, this is a calculation without adding the other factors mentioned above. If you move a lot during the day and sweat a lot, this amount should increase.

Another point to consider when calculating the amount of water consumption is that it is impossible to satisfy the need for water through other foods. If you prefer to drink coffee or tea instead of water, you are making a big mistake. Because beverages such as coffee and tea absorb water in the body, they cannot replace water.

The role of water in the body

Water is the most accessible natural resource for all living beings and performs many functions for a healthy body. In order not to upset the balance of your body, you need to be careful with your daily water intake.

  • Water helps absorb, digest and transport the nutrients you consume into your cells.
  • Provides reactions in cells.
  • Plays an active role in the functioning of tissues, organs, cells and systems.
  • Removes waste from your body resulting from the metabolism of the foods you consume.
  • Provides control and balance of body temperature.
  • Increases joint mobility.
  • Prevents dry skin and helps reduce signs of aging.
  • Helps to lose weight.


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