How much water should we drink during the day?

16.10.2022 19:09

How much water should we drink during the day

Water is the second most important human need in life after oxygen.

Water is more than just a necessity, water is very important for our healthy metabolism. Water contains such important minerals for the body as sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphate.

Everyone knows that drinking water is just as important as breathing. Although in our previous blog we informed you in detail about the benefits of drinking water. However, the benefits of drinking water are endless. Drinking at least 2 liters of water not only has a positive effect on our appearance, but also improves the quality of our internal organs. Drinking water especially affects the health of the liver and kidneys, ensuring the release of harmful substances from the body, speeding up our metabolism. If we don’t drink enough water, toxins cannot be eliminated from the body, which can negatively affect our body. When we talk about negative effects, we mean stone formation due to the accumulation of minerals in the kidneys, as well as hepatitis and liver damage due to the accumulation of toxins in the liver. Therefore, it is very important to drink enough water every day.

Why should we drink water?

Let’s answer this question:

  1. Water helps break down the food you eat and keeps your digestive system working.
  2. Increases skin elasticity by restoring skin cells. As a result, the skin becomes brighter and more vibrant. At the same time, the hair becomes softer and shinier.
  3. Prevents problems caused by thirst such as forgetfulness, etc.
  4. Regulates body temperature.
  5. Accelerates blood circulation and promotes a healthier metabolism.
  6. Protects gut health.
  7. Accelerates metabolism. Thus, you can burn more calories and gain less weight.
  8. Protects the blood from clotting and prevents clotting during circulation.
  9. Helps relieve stress, tension and depression.
  10. Strengthens the body’s resistance and immune system.

Is there any harm in drinking too much water?

We talked a lot about the benefits of water. But is there any harm in drinking a lot of water? Can a mineral substance with so many beneficial properties be harmful? Let’s find the answers to these confusing questions!

It’s rare to drink too much water without realizing it. But as we know, just as too much of anything is bad, drinking too much water is also bad. If the body takes in more water than usual, a person may experience water intoxication. Water intoxication disturbs the balance of electrolytes in body fluids and disrupts the normal functioning of the brain. In addition, drinking too much water can cause the following conditions:

  • Causes bloating
  • Edema of the extremities
  • Causes nausea
  • Cramps in the abdominal cavity

Even water, which has countless beneficial properties, is harmful to the human body when it is drunk more than the norm.

How much water should an adult drink during the day?

An adult with a healthy body loses 2.5 liters of fluid over a certain period of time, of which 1.5 liters is excreted in the urine, and about 1 liter is accounted for by breathing, sweating and joint movements. About 20% of the lost fluid is restored thanks to the food we eat during the day. Replenishing the remaining 2 liters of water with drinking water during the day will provide us with a healthy body.

The male body and metabolism are different from the female body. Accordingly, the amount of water that men should drink is about 3 liters per day, and for women this amount is about 2 liters. Water intake is a factor that depends not only on gender, but also on age and weight. On average, drinking 2 liters of water per day will speed up your metabolism and keep your body healthy. To do this, make drinking water a part of your life and make it a habit.

But how do you make drinking water a habit? Let’s find the answer to this question together.

Is it possible to drink tea, coffee, fruit juice instead of water?

In general, the amount of tea and coffee consumed during the day exceeds the amount of water consumed. Hot drinks, which are preferred especially in cold weather, completely replace drinking water. However, no drink should replace water. Because the water content is pure and contains no calories. However, sodas and fruit juices contain acid and calories, which leads to increased body fat, indigestion, and most importantly, more water is used in the body to reduce acidity. This increases the body’s water intake, which leads to dehydration and various problems. For this reason, remember to drink 1-2 glasses of water with tea and coffee. In fact, this need exists in Turkish culture as well. So, next to a cup of coffee, a glass of water is always offered.

Anyone who wants to improve their quality of life and protect their health should not forget to drink water.


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